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About EconPort

Microeconomics education plays an important role in preparing future business leaders and practitioners and is a central part of social science education for students in economics and other major fields of study. Recent developments in economic theory and electronic commerce call for significant innovations in course content, design, and delivery. In addition, an emerging trend is to support the students' active participation in economic decision-making and strategic game-playing with online market experiment and game software.

EconPort is an Open Archives Initiative (OAI)-compliant collection of Microeconomics education material that incorporates a handbook of economic and game-theoretic instructional text that is integrated with active online resources, including software for running experiments. Some of the experimental software incorporates software agents that can be used for implementing strategies in markets and games.

EconPort Current Development
Georgia State University
2006 -

Supported by NSF grant DUE-0442660: James C. Cox (PI) and J. Todd Swarthout (Co-PI).

Experimental Economics Center
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Georgia State University
James C. Cox (Director)
J. Todd Swarthout (Operations Director)
Susan Laury (Associate Director)
Kevin Ackaramongkolrotn (Sr. Research Associate)


  • Paul Ferraro
  • Ragan Petrie
  • Vjollca Sadiraj

Graduate Students
  • Snehal Badgujar
  • Roberta Calvet
  • Daniel Hall
  • William Holmes
  • Katie Hsieh
  • Fei Song
  • Solomon Tesfu
  • Wei Xin

Undergraduate Students
  • David Arkin
  • Jonathan Bridges
  • Lazarious Davidson
  • Tracy Davis
  • Obi Opiah
  • Brad Sill
  • Katherine Pittenger Smith

EconPort Original Development
University of Arizona
2002 - 2005

Supported by NSF grant DUE-0226344: James C. Cox (PI), Hsinchun Chen (Co-PI), J. Todd Swarthout (Co-PI), and Daniel Zeng (Co-PI).

Economic Science Laboratory              Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • James C. Cox (Director)
  • J. Todd Swarthout (Associate Director)
  • Steven Gjerstad

Senior Programmers
  • Richard Kiser
  • Alexander Smith

Graduate Student Research Assistants
  • Sriram Chandrasekaran
  • Joseph Cullen
  • Utteeyo Dasgupta
  • Ninghua Du
  • Wafa Hakim
  • Timothy O'Neill Dang
  • Kurt Schnier
  • Chandrasekhar Sheshadri
  • Maros Servatka
  • Alex Smith
  • Sharath Kodi Udupa
  • Hsinchun Chen (Director)
  • Daniel Zeng
  • Riyad Kalla (Lead Developer)

Graduate Student Research Assistants
  • Ben Smith
  • Bharat Sukhwani
  • Shing Ka Wu

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