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Teaching with Economics Experiments

Economics experiments are becoming increasingly popular as an active learning activity.  Both students and instructors typically find experiments to be  engaging and enjoyable.  Additionally, efficacy studies are continuing to support the conclusion that such class experiments are beneficial to student learning.

The purpose of this section is to provide resources that assist instructors in using experiments to teach economics.  We support a variety of types of experiments, including hand-run, computerized, and computer-assisted experiments.  If you plan to make use of the computerized experiment software on this site, then you must also understand the general framework for using the software as described in the Experiments section.


Teaching Modules

We have created a set of teaching modules that provide guidance for conducting economics experiments with your classes.

teaching modules


Experiments with Classroom Clickers

We have developed software to run classroom experiments using classroom response systems, or clickers.

Read more about running experiments with clickers


Common Questions about Economics Class Experiments

Several questions routinely arise when people think about conducting economic experiments. We've summarized our answers to many of these questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions


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